onsdag 5 juni 2013

GET är skadligt

Här är ett utdrag ur Dr William Weirs synops till den internationella Me-konferensen Invest in Me som hölls i Nordirland 31 maj i år.
Här nämns två saker: det sitter inte i huvudet och GET är skadligt!

"Secondly there were the immunologists who described the immunological abnormalities seen in ME patients. One of the frustrations with ME is that, although there are always across-the-board abnormalities, those seen are never as consistent as they are, for example in AIDS where one particular type of immunologically active cell is consistently reduced. However one of the speakers came out with the opinion that: “if any doctor now thinks that these abnormalities are due to psychological disorder and that exercise is the cure, he/she should be deregistered” (He was from Australia). 

One phenomenon which is now well recognised is the “cytokine flare” which follows physical (and mental) exercise. Cytokines are substances produced by the immune system as part of a normal immune response to the presence of an invading bug, be it a virus or bacterium (or other, such as a malaria parasite). Interferon is the one most people have heard of. They make you feel ill as part of the body’s normal defence against infection. In ME however they appear to be produced inappropriately, and go on being produced in the apparent absence of a recognisable infection. Furthermore there is an abnormal increase - “flare” - after exercise which now explains the problem of post exertional malaise. Here, at last, is direct evidence that Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) is very likely to be harmful."

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  1. Cytokin-produktionen ska enl uppgift dämpas av Curcumin, dvs gurkmeja

    1. Vad bra! Tur att jag äter det då :-)